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Raising Rimes

Wholesale - Smiley w/ Cap

Wholesale - Smiley w/ Cap

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Wholesale Policies: *Colors and scents are randomly selected but will coordinate with your chosen freshie design. *Please message me before ordering if you have any specific design or scent request so I can accomodate. 


The strength of each fragrance varies and affects the duration of the scent. Scents will last about 30 days. The scent will slowly begin to fade and become less noticeable as time goes on. The scent may fade faster in the summer but it will be more noticeable. In the winter it may be lighter but it will last much longer. *Some scents are lighter and others are stronger. *May melt in direct sunlight. Move to the blinker for a safer location in hot months. *Each air freshener comes bagged with a string attached for hanging. *No replacements for scent fading

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